Hubbard Family Swim Schools Offer Fun, Flexible Summer Program Called ‘Shark Frenzy’

When the school year ends in May, the summer swim season at the Hubbard Family Swim Schools (HFSS) kicks into high-gear. This year, from May 28 through July 29, HFSS will offer a great summer program called “Shark Frenzy” that will be exclusively available for current and past “Hammerhead” swimmers. The purpose of this new Shark Frenzy program will be to give children the opportunity to expand their swimming skills with intensive sessions, swim meets, and clinics all summer long.

Shark Frenzy practices allow parents to pick multiple, one-week sessions throughout the summer months with the flexibility to schedule around vacations. Pick a practice time for every week you can commit to four practices per week. Parents can build a schedule for the summer with as many practice weeks as they can in order for their children to make maximum progress.

The Hubbard swim coaches will coach from the inside of the pools and also from the pool deck. Swimmers will be swimming the length of the pool and will get the opportunity to experience competitive meets where everyone’s a winner and gets to be part of a team. Children will also get swimming experience outside of their usual shallow water pools to practice dives, starts, and turns.

Shark Frenzy meets are held at the Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix and give children a chance to swim in competitive races against one another and against kids outside of HFSS. This is an excellent introduction to competitive racing. The HFSS swimmers compete in three different strokes including Freestyle, backstroke and either butterfly or breaststroke. Ribbons are awarded for each race. Times are tracked and shared with competitors.

Shark Frenzy Summer Schedule:
One-week sessions, May 28 through July 29 (excluding week of July 4)
HFSS Phoenix:
8:00-9:00 am; Monday – Thursday
HFSS Phoenix:
2:00-3:00 pm; Monday – Thursday
HFSS Peoria:
2:30-3:30 pm; Monday – Thursday
HFSS Mesa Riverview:
2:30-3:30 pm; Tuesday – Friday
Cost: $50 per child for a four-day week session ($37.50 when closed for a holiday)

For more information and to register for the Shark Frenzy program, call HFSS at (602) 971-4044 or visit



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