Horizon Honors Senior, Joshua, Talks Sports

Q: You have been very involved throughout your high school career. What groups and sports teams have you participated in?

A: I have been a part of the Varsity Soccer Team, Varsity Track and Field Team, Varsity Cross Country Team, and Varsity Volleyball Team. I’ve also been a member of the Pre-Med Club, Key Club, and Student Council.

Q: Which is your favorite and why?

A: My favorite is Soccer because I have been playing all my life and it is my escape from the outside world. When I’m playing soccer I’m focused on the game and nothing else matters.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I’m planning on playing Soccer at California Lutheran University and studying exercise science. After college I hope to get a doctorate in physical therapy and start my own practice.

Q: Any advice for students just beginning their high school experience?

A: I would advise students who are just getting started to get involved in as many different things as they can because it will help you make new friends and explore new interests. Also, keep your grades up from the beginning, don’t let some C you got freshmen year affect your future. Keep them up!

Joshua is a senior at Horizon Honors High School.



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