Horizon Honors High School Student, Trevor, Start Ping Pong Club at His School

Q. This year you started the Ping Pong Club with your friends. Tell us about it. 

A. We started it based on a random idea from a friend and thought it would be really cool to see how it went and just give it a try. So far we have around 30 to 35 members and are in the process of collecting dues and getting everything started. Once it gets going, we’ll meet after school and play ping pong or have tournaments to train for Tokyo 2020 and also have fun!

Q. You are super involved in school. Tell us about all your sport and club activities and which one is your favorite.

A. I do Cross Country, Track and Field, Key Club, Ping Pong Club, and Researching for Cures, I am also part of the National Honors Society. I enjoy doing such a wide variety of activities because I feel it makes me more well rounded as a person and as a student. My favorite one would have to be Track and Field because I love to race and I’ve put so much time into it.

Q. You have qualified and participated at the State Cross Country Meet the last three years. What is your favorite thing about running?

A. My favorite thing about running is that through training you develop a drive to be better and you learn what it takes to be successful. Whether it is during a race or a hard workout, you’re always pushing your body to its limit, and its internally rewarding. I love to race as well, and I love the adrenaline before and pushing myself to beat those around me.

Q. What are your plans for the future? 

A. I definitely want to go to college and graduate, but I’m still not entirely certain what I want to do. I am leaning towards some kind of engineering, probably biomedical. Once I graduate, I’ll probably try to make it to Colorado and see how I like it there.

Trevor Tam is a Senior at Horizon Honors High School.



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