Horizon Honors High School Senior Talks About Her Passion for Volleyball


Q. Volleyball is a big part of your life. Your high school team just competed in the state tournament. You also play on a club team. Talk about the importance of volleyball to you!

A. Volleyball has been important to me since age eight. I knew I wanted to play Division 1 volleyball since I was really young, and I have always thrived in a competitive environment, so that is why I have stuck with the sport for so long. The years of club and high school volleyball have led me to my dream college, and I am grateful for the experience. 

Q. You just committed to play Volleyball at Houston Baptist University. What are your plans and hopes for college?

A. My plans for college are to major in sports kinesiology – health and wellness. I hope to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and work as a personal trainer and a dietitian. I am also planning to set some records in the Southland Conference once I get to Houston Baptist and hopefully make a big impact on the team coming on as a Freshman DS/Libero.

Q. What do you like to do for fun besides Volleyball?

A. Besides volleyball, I really enjoy working out. Being active is and always will be a big part of my life. I also really like to hang out with my friends and family when I have the time. It is important to make time for the people you love!

Q. What advice would you give to freshmen, who still have 3.5 years left of high school?

A. To the Freshmen, I would say to just remain focused in high school. Set a few big goals, and spend high school trying to reach them. Anything is achievable. Horizon Honors gives a great platform to all students striving to achieve both academically and athletically.

Cici Collins is a senior at Horizon Honors High School.



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