Horizon Honors High School Junior, Alexis Blasko, HAs Passion For Medicine

Q. You are very involved in school! What activities do you participate in?
A. I am fortunate to participate and hold several leadership roles in a lot of activities within our school’s community. I am a Spirit Ambassador on the Executive Board for our Student Council. This lets me help plan all of our pep rallies, dances, and other social events. I am a member of the National Honors Society, Secretary of our club focusing on equality, a member of Pre-Med/ReSEARCHing for the Cure, the Secretary of KEY Club, an Orientation Guide, a chair on the Relay for Life Leadership Team and work shifts at our school store, the Eagle’s Nest. I have also started a drive through our KEY Club that collects new pajamas for children currently staying at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Q. Tell us about your involvement with the medical case study you are working on?
A. Currently, I am co-authoring a medical case study with a medical student currently attending the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine under the supervision of a neurologist. The medical case study focuses on an untreated form of a rare medical condition. The case study includes the viewpoints and philosophies of doctors within this century and how they are changing. We compare and contrast the repercussions of the untreated form of the condition against its typical form and how the repercussions could have been prevented. Co-authoring this study has been a lot of work, but an amazing experience. When we are finished we hope to have our medical case study published.

Q. You may someday be in the medical field, what are some programs you have done to prepare?
A. I have participated in numerous programs that focus on careers in healthcare. One of my favorites has been attending some of the Saturday Scrubs offered by The University of Arizona College of Medicine. The program is a ton of fun because it introduces me to both medical topics as well as hands-on experience. So far my favorite session included a diagnostic simulation where I got to be the doctor and diagnose an anonymous patient. I also really loved being part of Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University Summers Scholars Program. I was fortunate to be accepted all three years of the program. In the last year of the program, I had the opportunity to present a stem cell research presentation to a group of doctors within a competition and won. I also got to visit a cadaver lab where I got to hold a pair of a smoker’s lungs and a brain from an Alzheimer’s patient. Two experiences that I will never forget. I am currently working on shadowing a couple of doctors and plan on volunteering at a hospital after I am finished co-authoring the case study.

Q. What are your plans for the future?
A. After I graduate from high school, I plan on attending a four-year university for Pre-Med. As of now, I am considering attending a few out-of-state universities, but I think I’d rather stay in-state to be closer to my family. I really like the idea of attending Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University or the University of Arizona’s Honors College. After I graduate, I plan on continuing my education by attending med school. I would like to become a doctor or physician’s assistant.



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