Horizon Honors, Cali, Talks Being Student Class President

Q. You are starting your senior year as president of Student Council. What are plans and hopes for your time in office?

A. As the president I have many hopes and goals for this year. My main goal is to respond to the wants and needs of the student body. For example, we have not had senior jerseys in past years and this is something that many seniors were interested in. I took it upon myself to move forward with the idea, and make it a reality. This year I want the dances to be unforgettable and I already have a few themes in mind. Lastly, as president I just want my peers to feel like they can come to me with anything and know that I will do the best I can to make them heard.

Q. In addition to student council, you also play two sports and you participate in Wilderness Club. How do you manage it all?

A. It can be very time-consuming but, most of my attention is directed towards school, student council, and sports. My first priority is the responsibility that comes with being a student. I make sure that I set aside time everyday to do my school work and study as needed. Next, comes the responsibility of being president. Every Wednesday there is a student council meeting that I am in charge of running, in order to prepare for these meetings I must create an agenda in advance. My third priority is being an athlete. When a season begins I have to commit my time to practice or games everyday of the week. I have been involved in the same sports and clubs since the beginning of high school so, I have learned how to balance everything evenly over the years.

Q. Any advice for incoming freshmen on making the most out of your high school experience?

A. Apply yourself from the start! The grades you get now will matter when you are choosing what you want to do after high school. Also, make sure you get involved on campus! Participate in clubs, sports, theatre, or whatever you are interested in, you will not regret it! From my experience, the best memories I will take away from high school are the ones I have made outside of the classroom.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. I am undecided at the moment but, I wish to attend an in-state college so I won’t be far from home since family is very important to me. I would like to pursue a degree in either business administration or marketing, and my dream would be to work in a big city one day.

Cali Lientz is a senior at Horizon Honors High School.



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