Hope Club at Tesseract Gives Students Life­Long Leadership Skills

By Caroline M. B. Fabricius Ahlgreen, Tesseract Senior

Hope Club, Tesseract Upper School’s community­service club, was established five years ago with the philosophy of thinking globally and acting locally. In Hope Club, students connect to the outside community through service­oriented opportunities that they have initiated and fully planned themselves.

I have been a part of Hope Club since its inception, through its developmental stages into what is now a self-­sustaining club comprised of almost half of our dedicated Upper School students. Over the course of my high school journey at Tesseract School, Hope Club has successfully completed several community­ service projects. But perhaps my proudest accomplishment as the President of Hope Club has been my work with the Avis Lighthouse Shelter, an orphanage for minority youth.

Over the course of the year, Hope Club has partnered with the Avis Lighthouse Shelter to put in new flooring, organize a rummage sale to clean out the shelter’s garage, spend Halloween Trick-Or­Treating and having ‘Thanksgiving Game Night’ with the kids. In December, Hope Club hosted the annual Avis Holiday Charity Concert, bringing dozens of gifts for the children as well as some holiday sing-­a-long cheer. Hope Club members have already created unforgettable bonds with their buddies, as members act as role models for these children who have not had much stability in their young lives.

Through both the dozens of community service events I have led the past four years, and the reconstruction of the club’s system, I have left a charismatic mark on my school. Through my own learning, I have also learned the difference between being a “boss” and being a “leader.” Now, I leave Hope Club in the hands of the dedicated members to bring it to even greater heights.

Caroline is a senior at Tesseract School.



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