Hockey Star Luke Finds Success at Brightmont Academy

Luke, who is a 15 year­-old sophomore, is a serious hockey player. In fact, he is so serious that he was recently drafted to the Seattle Thunderbirds of the Western Hockey League (WHL), the top junior league in North America. Luke’s hockey schedule often includes out­of­state travel during most months of the year. School remains important as he looks to keep all options available, including the opportunity to play hockey in college.

The burden of homework along with the daily activities and travel associated with hockey make it difficult to attend a traditional school for any student athlete. Luke, however, received some news in September that made this especially challenging. He learned that he has Type 1 Diabetes.

After a short stint at a traditional school trying to juggle the rigors of hockey along with the constant health management, Luke’s mother, Heather, knew he needed a change. She began searching for another option for school when she discovered Brightmont Academy. She was pleased to learn that Brightmont Academy provided one­to­one instruction, offered NCAA-approved courses and delivered the flexible schedule the family needed to support Luke’s demanding schedule.

Now that Luke has been attending Brightmont Academy for more than two months, Heather is quite pleased with the transformation her son has experienced and the flexibility the school offers in accommodating his needs.

“Luke is more engaged in the curriculum, and he is really responding to the one-­to-­one instruction,” Heather said. “He is able to ask more in­depth questions, and he takes more interest in what he is learning. He also enjoys the fact that he can move on quickly if he understands a concept and focus on something else where he needs to spend the time. The bottom line is that he’s really learning and retaining more than he did previously.”

Heather appreciates that Luke can travel to an out­of­state game and pick up right where he left off when he returns. Brightmont Academy allows for more flexibility in time for health­related activities, and all of his homework is completed at school.

“Luke seems way happier, there is less pressure on him now in terms of his daily schedule, and he is able to focus on other personal interests beyond school and hockey,” said Heather. For instance, Luke is passionate about developing computer apps, and he has successfully launched some of his apps in the iTunes store.

“We are relieved that we discovered Brightmont Academy,” said Heather. “The staff and the teachers are so dedicated and clearly enjoy being there, which makes the experience all the more positive for the students.”

Luke is a sophomore at Brightmont Academy.



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