Hobby Turns Career for Justin at West-MEC

Justin is a first year Medium/Heavy Diesel student at West-MEC. We see great things in his future!

Q. What do you like best about West-Mec?

A. The thing I like about West-Mec is all the opportunities it gives me, I can achieve anything as long as I set my mind to it.

Q. What are you specializing in?

A. I am specializing in higher more advanced subjects in the diesel mechanic class throughout the work field. I have had a passion to work on diesel trucks ever since I was young and recently just rebuilt and old dodge truck. This just used to be a fun hobby of mine, but now it is a passion that I continue to learn more about.

Q. You recently won some competitions, tell us about that.

A. I won third place at regionals and knew where I had messed up. I stepped up my game and fixed my mistakes and became Arizona’s state champion for diesel technology. I was awarded a Snap-on tool set a 10K scholarship to UTI. I will be competing at nationals in Kentucky this summer!

Q. What are you plans for the future?

A. My plans for the future are to join the diesel generator crew at the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. I know with hard work and dedication that anything is possible and I look forward to starting a career I love.

Justin attends West-MEC.



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