HCLC Celebrates Past and Present Student Athletes

On August 19, Horizon Honors High School in Ahwatukee held a long overdue celebration for past and present student athletes, coaches, and their families. The occasion was simple: honor anyone involved that participated in a Horizon Honors High School team that had won a state or region championship, as well as state runner ups. Even though the school is 21 years old, and the first school championship was earned 15 years ago, Horizon Honors did not have proper athletic banners in the gym celebrating the teams. The school invited these athletes and their families to an afternoon reception to view the banners before the public, as well as view the Track & Field record holder board. 

Girls Volleyball 2A State Champs 2016-17

Boys Volleyball 5A State Runners-Up 2016-17

Golf D III State Runners -Up 2012-13

Co-Ed Cheer 1A-3A State Champs 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2008-09

Co-Ed Cheer 1A-3A State Runners-Up 2001-02

Region Champs

Softball 2010-11

Girls Volleyball 2015-16

Girls Volleyball 2016-17

Boys Volleyball 2016-17

Individual Track and Field State Champs

2003-04 Katie Berkey 300m Hurdles

2004-05 Katie Berkey 300m Hurdles

2005-06 Kate Shaheen Discus

2012-13 Samantha Weeman 300m Hurdles

2016-17 Trevor Tam 800m

2009-10 Terah Fullman 

2016-17 Trevor Tam 1600m

2016-17 Trevor Tam 3200m

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