Haley Elementary Sixth Grader, Lillie, Shines on The Field and in The Classroom

Lillie was gifted with the ability to pick things up easily, whether it is sports or academics. She plays club soccer and excels on the field at various different positions. Although she is usually playing soccer from June through April, she does enjoy other sports as well. She enjoys volleyball and wake boarding when she has a chance. Lillie also enjoys painting and doing craft projects when the time allows.

Lillie is a very kind and loving individual. She cares about others and is a good friend to many. She will do what she can to help others in need and tries her best to make sure others feel included.

Q. How long have you been in club soccer? What position do you play?
A. I’ve been playing for GYSA United for the last three seasons. The girls on my team are all born in the same year, but some of the girls are in seventh grade and some are in sixth. We all go to different schools so it will be fun to play against each other in junior high and high school. Our season usually runs July through April so I play soccer almost all year. The position I play is forward, which is also the position of my favorite player, Alex Morgan. My number used to be 21 but this year I chose to be 00.

Q. Tell us about your teammates?
A. Well, my best friend, Hollie, is on the team. She plays defense most of the time. There are a few girls on the team who have the same first name so we give them different names. For example the other forward we call French because of her last name and I play well with her. We have 16 girls on our team and eleven play at a time. A lot of us have been together on the same team for the last three years. Because of that we have learned to play well together and know each other’s strengths. We all get along and our parents get to know each other too. I like going to tournaments with my teammates. We hang out in hotels and get to go eat together and spend time as a time. Last year we went to Flagstaff and Tucson as well as other tournaments in the Phoenix area. My favorite tournament is in Tucson and we do a big parade beforehand and do mini Olympics. We get pins at the tournaments that we can collect and put on our bags. For the tournaments we have won, we received medals and sometimes a trophy.

Q. What is your favorite thing about playing soccer?
A. My favorite thing about playing soccer is getting better and learning new tricks and skills. I like playing against new teams. I also enjoy my teammates and traveling to tournaments.

Q. Do you come from an athletic family?
A. Yes. My brother plays a lot of sports and so do my other siblings. My mom and dad also played sports and we have a pretty competitive family.

Q. What is it like having five siblings? Do you learn from your older siblings? Do you teach the younger siblings?
A. With five siblings, it is crazy. Sometimes I learn what not to do from older siblings. Sometimes they are good examples. I try to be a good example to my younger siblings, but they are also really close in age. My closest sister in age was born less than 13 months after I was.

Q. Who do you look up to the most?
A. I look up to Alex Morgan as a soccer player. I also look up to my parents and my teacher.

Q. What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?
A. In ten years, I would like to be a pro soccer player after going to school at University of Oregon to get a business degree. I would also like to start my own business.

Q. Can you tell us any lessons you’ll take away from Haley Elementary School?
A. I had a great time in student council, and I have enjoyed getting involved with the school and my classmates. I enjoy meeting new friends. I love all my teachers. Haley has helped me get ready for junior high too.

Lillie Scott is a sixth grader at Haley Elementary.



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