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Grant Succeeds at West-MEC


Grant Berkley is a hard-working, excellent student. He manages two jobs, while keeping his grades high and balancing family life and helping out at his church. With his hard work, he was able to purchase his own vehicle at the age of 16, and spent his sophomore and junior years learning to do repairs on his truck. He now does many repairs, such as tire and oil changes, for his friends. Grant hopes to become a physical therapist. He serves as West-MEC’s HOSA chapter president and has received a Lumberjack scholarship from NAU. Grant is described by his peers, family and friends as being a man of his word and has a heart for others. He is the oldest of four boys and is a major influence to his younger brothers.

Q. How did you land the opportunity to work on the hot air balloon crew? Is the job as exciting as it sounds?

A. I started crewing hot air balloons when I was 12 years old. I did this as a hobby with my step-Dad (Shane) who owns Aerogelic Ballooning. However, as I gained more skill and knowledge I became a hired crew member after getting my driver’s license. This job is by far more exciting than any other job I have worked. It also has more responsibilities than any other job I have worked.

Q. What directs your interest in physical therapy?

A. After completing two years of sports med classes and a college anatomy class, I fell in love with the bio mechanics of the body. I found interest in physical therapy after taking part in a school rehab service and watching kids come in and work to recover. I fell in love with the process of recovery, after watching kids come in on crutches to watching them play sports again.

Q. What do you do in the little free time you have?

A. I really enjoy working out at the gym and hanging out with friends and my girlfriend.

Q. What are your current two jobs?

A. Right now, I am working at Café Zupas as a dishwasher and a hot air balloon crew. Before I got the job at Café Zupas I was working at the Gym that I work out in.

Q. What do you hope to instill in your three younger brothers? Is there anything they’ve taught you?

A. I really want all my brothers to grow up with confidence and a strong will power and work ethic. Honesty and humility are very important characteristics for young men.

Q. Can you tell us about HOSA? What are your responsibilities as chapter president?

A. HOSA is an organization designed to propel future health care workers into the field. This program teaches crucial skills such as professionalism, critical thinking, leadership and problem solving. As HOSA chapter president, it is my duty to lead, instruct, teach and facilitate a healthy learning environment for my HOSA Team. I call meetings and work with my advisor to make us as students more successful.



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