Grace Talks About Her Successes with Gymnastics

Grace loves gymnastics. She likes to be challenged and enjoys being part of a team. She practices at least 18 hours per week, but in her limited free time she likes to be with her family.

Q. You are a newer student at Saint Francis, how do you like it so far?

A. I love St. Francis Xavier School. It is a great school. Everyone is very welcoming.

Q. You are a gymnast, what level do you compete at right now?

A. I just moved up to level six.

(Graces’ next meet is the Arizona Grand in Tempe which is hosted by Gold Medal Gymnastics, January 22-24. She has traveled to Utah and Texas and will be going to California this spring)

Q. Tell us what your favorite event is?

A. Floor is my favorite event because you can just go with it and have fun. You get to show your personality.

Q. Where do you practice? How many hours a week do you practice?

A. Gold Medal Gymnastics in Chandler. I practice 18 hours per week.

Q. Have you won any awards in gymnastics?

A. I was 1st all-around state champion in my age group for level 3 in 2013, 4th all-around at state for level 4 in 2014, and 1st all-around state champion for level 5 in 2015.

(Been competing since September 2013. Started gymnastics in recreational classes after having her third birthday party at Gold Medal.)

Q. Tell us about your involvement in the TOPS program?

A. I do extra training as part of the TOPS program. When I was eight years old I went to the National Training Center in Texas for TOPS testing.

(Info on tops program can be found at TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program) is for 7-10 year olds and the top 100 girls for each age group in the USA qualify based on their testing scores at the state level to go to the National Training Center to be tested there.)

Q. What is one thing about yourself that our readers may find interesting?

A. I won a coconut for coming in first place in a hula dance competition in Hawaii when I was four years old.

Grace is a fourth grader at Saint Francis Xavier School.



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