Global Minds After School Student, Kongkasem Suchart, Learns Chinese

Global Minds School teachers primarily focus on speaking Chinese, Spanish or French since it is the natural first component of any language. Through demonstration, repetition, group, individual and interactive play, Global Minds makes becoming bilingual an easy, fun, and playful experience! Here is what, Kongkasem had to say about Global Minds School:

What languages do you speak? Mostly English and some Chinese.

Who do you learn Chinese from? Sometimes from my mom and from my Chinese teacher, Chi Chi Laoshi

What do you like about Chinese class at Global Minds? I like when we play the games.  Sometimes we have teams and sometimes we have points.

Can you say something in Chinese? Pinguo (apple)

Do you know how to say your name? Wo jiao Kongkasem

Do you like learning Chinese? Yeah, because when we get homework, we get to learn new things.

Kongkasem is in the 1st grade 



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