Girls Scout Troop 1606’s DIVA DROIDS qualify for Vex Robotics High School State Championships!

The ‘Diva Droids’ spent six months building and programming a robot that secured their position in the Vex Robotics State Championship competition, the first time ever for their team. This year team’s hard work earned them a Design Award, as well as a Judge’s Award, during their regular season.

Building a robot to compete is no easy feat! The girls began meeting last July in order to begin their designing and constructing of the robot. Weekly meetings were necessary (sometimes multiple meetings each week) in order to create their success.

The girls’ winning strategy this year was honing their transmission capability. The improved speed of their robot over previous years was what projected them into the finals. Way to go, Diva Droids!

Diva Droids: Kaitlyn Janssen, Samantha Janssen, Mary Le and Hannah Pawlowski

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