Girls Scout, Cheyenne Farnsworth, Helps Teen Parents

Q. What inspired your Gold Award project?
A. I wanted to do my Gold Award but I was stumped on how to help the community. For my Bronze Award, I helped the Arizona Humane Society and for my Silver Award, I helped the homeless. I felt like when people think about helping their community they normally think about the Humane Society and the homeless. So for my Gold, I wanted to help people that are normally overlooked but still needed the help. Then one day I was walking through school and I saw a girl at my school who was pregnant. That girl at school gave me the idea to help teenage parents.

Q. Short description of your project?
A. For my project, I made a monthly newsletter for the Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services (TOPS). The newsletter had free to low-cost events in the area so teenage parents can spend time with their kids without money being an issue. I chose this project because I felt that teen parents are common but often overlooked by people when they think about helping our community. I would think that being a teen parent is not an easy task to do on your own. They would need help. The newsletter also benefited Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services because they didn’t have anyone to make the newsletter or the knowledge of how to create it. I created the newsletter each month and sent it TOPS for them to distribute to their clients. After a few months of creating the newsletter, I sent them the newsletter template, a list of websites I commonly used to find the events and an explanation of how I created it each month. These items would allow the TOPS organization to continue the project and assist their clients in finding events to attend with their children.

Q. What were the results or impact of your project?
A. The result of my project was teenage parents now had the information to attend fun events and spend quality time with their kids without money being an issue.

Q. What important lessons did you learn about yourself?
A. An important lesson I learned about myself is that I want to be Graphic Designer for a living. I also learned not to judge people so fast. If you are in high school, you may know a girl who was/is pregnant. I learned those girls are struggling a lot, emotionally and physically. I learned not to judge so fast and instead of standing there and seeing a girl in pain, I saw they needed a friend and a helping hand. I reached out to help and I encourage you to do the same.

Q. How long have you been a Girl Scout?
A. I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten which makes this my 12th year as a Girl Scout and I’m still going strong!

Q. What has Girl Scouting meant to you?
A. I grew up in a troop that was ran differently than most troops. My mom was my leader and a single mother. She believed that women didn’t need men in their lives to do things for them and that women are strong. She was right. My mom and my co-leader were the type of leaders that would take me and my troop out in the middle of the forest, give us a tent, tarps, and shovel. They would then tell us to pitch our tent and find a spot to make our bathroom. We all looked at each other like “what!” We asked for their help and they told us, “You are fully capable of doing this on your own. We aren’t helping you.” They were right. After yelling and screaming, we put up our tent and made a bathroom by shoveling a hole in the dirt and using a tarp for a door. It was perfect. So Girl Scouts has taught me how to be an independent, strong woman and not to mention, it has created long lasting friendships with the most amazing girls. During cookie season, Girl Scouts taught me how to work with money. Now that I am older, I have a job and I drive. I look back on that Girl Scouts taught me how to deal with money which has helped me quite a bit at my job.

Q. What high school do you attend?
A. I attend Deer Valley High School.

Q. What are your future plans, after high school?
A. After high school, I plan to attend ASU to get my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Cheyenne, also earned her Silver and Bronze Awards.



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