Girl Scout, Katelin Weber Creates Learning center

Q. What inspired your Gold Award project?
A. My Gold Award project was inspired by all of my past teachers who have always provided my fellow classmates and I with all the supplies necessary to learn. I know that for many students their access to those supplies and books ends when the school day does. I knew that the Bridge would be the perfect place to put all of those supplies and books because it is a safe place for students to go after school.

Q. Short description of your project?
A. My project was to create a learning center at Compass Christian Church’s The Bridge community center. The project consisted of building bookshelves and crates for book and supply storage, collecting books and supplies for the learning center. I created bookshelves that would be built in a preexisting nook area in the café of The Bridge. I gathered around 90 books for grades 7-12, including test prep books, fun reading books and textbooks. I was also able to purchase two calculators that are used frequently in higher level math classes. Finally, I donated school supplies like loose leaf paper, markers, color pencils, pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers, and pencil sharpeners. I wanted to do this project because education is very near to my heart and tons of kids go there every day after school to hang out. The staff wanted to create a place for the kids to study, do homework, read and have supplies available to accomplish their work.

Q. What were the results or impact of your project?
A. The impact my project has had on the Bridge is that now many of the kids are working on their homework in a safe environment at The Bridge and using resources that they might not have at home.

Q. What important lessons did you learn about yourself?
A. I learned that I have a passion for wanting to help others learn more about the world and different subjects. I also wanted to share all of my favorite books with others and help them learn the same things I did from them.

Q. How long have you been a Girl Scout?
A. I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years.

Q. What has Girl Scouting meant to you?
A. Girl Scouts has impacted my life in so many ways by teaching me: life skills, leadership skills, how to be independent, and to take on things by myself. It has helped me find my passion to help people through the countless community service projects and the skills Girl Scouts helped me to develop.

Q. What high school do you attend?
A. I attend Chandler High School and will graduate in May of 2019.

Q. What are your future plans, after high school? 
A. After high school, I plan to attend Chandler Gilbert Community College to study pre-nursing for a year and then transfer to the University of Arizona to finish my studies at their nursing school.

Q. Any other interesting information about yourself?
A. I have attended Compass Christian Church for about 5 years and faith is one of the most important things in my life. I knew that doing my project at the Bridge would be a great way to reach the kids in my community and to give back to the Church who has impacted so many people even if they don’t follow our religion.



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