Girl Scout, Charlotte, Donates to a Good Cause

Independent Girl Member, Charlotte, assembled and donated 15 “birthday in a bag” kits to the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank. Each bag included cake mix, frosting, pans, candles, and festive napkins and plates.

Q. Why did you decide to do this particular community service? 

A. Most people don’t donate cake supplies to the food bank, so families who get food from the food bank might not get to celebrate with a cake. When we dropped off the kits, the lady who helped us said that they get lots of calls from people looking for cakes. 

Q. How did you choose the food bank?

A. I chose the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank because it is the closest one to my house and helps people in my neighborhood.

Q. What did you want to accomplish

A. Everyone should have a cake on their birthday! The bags included decorative plates and napkins, and birthday candles so that it’s fun and not just a cake mix, pan, and frosting. Everyone should feel special on his or her birthday.

Charlotte is a third grader at Benchmark Elementary School and a IGM Brownie.

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