Gilliana Talks Volleyball and NJHS

Q. You are an avid volleyball player tell us about that?

A. Well, I’ve been playing volleyball for about four to five years. I love to play at school and outside of school. On both teams I play blocker, and on our school team, I am one of the captains.

Q. What team do you play on for volleyball outside of school? 

A. I play on a team called “The Volleybombers.” I have been playing on that’s team for about a year and a half.

Q. You are also in choir and an alter server tell us about that?

A. I love to alter serve, because it’s another way I get to be involved with my school and church. Choir is also another way that I can be involved, because I get to sing at mass and it’s really fun.

Q. You are in National Junior Honor Society and you have maintained a 3.5 and higher since 5th grade WOW! How do you do it all?

A. What I always try to do is put my education before sports and things I really want to do. NJHS is really important to me because we get to help people and it’s another way I can use my ideas to help others.

Q. In your spare time, if you do have any, what do you like to do for fun?

A. In my spare time I like to play sports, watch them, or help other little kids and teach the sport to them. I also like to relax and hang out with my friends.

Gilliana is an eighth grader at Saint John Vianney Catholic School.



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