Gifted Student and Performer, Kayla, Tells Us About the REACH Program about

Beyond being a talented performer and scholar, Kayla is also an active part of the community.

Q. It sounds like you love to perform, tell us about your last role.

My last role was at Valley Youth Theatre and I was Piglet in “A Winnie­The­Pooh Christmas Tail.” It was my first main stage role and I loved spending time with the cast. It was so much fun to also meet the audience after each show and hear how much they loved it. I have wanted to be in a Valley Youth Theatre production since I was three years old so it was a dream come true for me.

Q. You are also a gifted student and part of the REACH program, what does that involve?

As a part of REACH, I get to do higher level work that is more challenging for me. My classmates and I always love to do group work where we get to help each other solve a complicated math problem or even do a science experiment. My teacher, Mrs. Heilman, is awesome making sure we all have lots of harder chapter books we can read.

Q. What does a “day in the life of a REACH student” look like?

The Madison School District asked me to film a project using a GoPro camera so I could show everybody what a day in the life of a REACH kid looks like. It was really fun and challenging to show all the interesting things we do during the day. You can even see the finished project at and click on videos. We are also having Shadow Day on February 25 so we can show other interested kids what we do in school. Their parents can call the District to get them registered.

Q. In addition to everything we heard, you are active in your community, how have you helped most recently?

My mom, Suzanne, was the chair of the Bond Campaign for the Madison School District election that took place in November, 2014. I helped her by giving out signs, going to meetings and holding signs at events so people knew why to vote yes. I’m so happy because most of the voters said YES and we won!

Q. Any plans for the future?

Yes, I do have a couple plans for the future. The next show I am auditioning for is “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” at Valley Youth Theatre which will run in April. I think it’s going to be a really good show because I loved reading the book series. As for after college, I want to become a tax attorney. Then I will become President of the United States of America so I can live in the White House and make taxes lower. I also want to keep everyone safe.

Kayla is a second grader at Madison Heights Elementary.



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