GenTech: Training the Next Generation of Engineers

GenTech is your personal tech service that’s right around the corner. Do you get frustrated with technology? Does that little error message on your screen drive you crazy? How about that moment when you hit some little button you didn’t mean to hit and suddenly things pop up and you feel like chucking that “smart” phone? Well don’t pitch it just yet! Because there are some tech savvy experts in your neighborhood that can help!

Everybody knows that tech wiz in the family. Maybe it’s a grandson, niece, or just a techy neigbor. The fact that young people get technology isn’t just apparent, it’s a fact! And at Generation Tech Support, or Gen-Tech like the cool kids call it, we employ tech geniuses from colleges, high schools, and even some crazy smart middle-schoolers to help our community with their tech needs. Our experts will sit down with you and patiently walk through everything from the basics of using a computer, to social media setup, to the highly complicated troubleshooting programs, apps and driver help. And we promise when you walk around town showing off how impressive you are with your new tech skills, it’ll be our little secret.

We call ourselves Generation Tech because it’s our goal to close the digital divide in technology. But we aren’t just helping the older generation, we’re training the next generation of engineers right in our store! Our Summer Robotics and Python coding classes were a phenomenal experience this year. Even more exciting is that we are launching a Fall program this August! Our fantastic KidsTech camps will have Saturday and after school options. And with the new Arizona Computer Science Standards just being released, we are working with local schools to get GenTech, KidsTech concepts into after school programs! We are working with four school districts in our neighborhoods to bring STEM learning and innovative technologies into the hands of the amazing kids in our neighborhoods. We feel fortunate to meet so many awesome kids and help develop the next generation of tech leaders in our community.

And, we have a lot more awesome services coming up in the next few months. So stay tuned! Generation Tech Support is currently located at the corner of 7th Street and Thunderbird at 13236 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022. Call us at (602) 374-5624. Open 10-6 Monday through Saturday.



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