Future Aviator, Chase, Talks Planes and Coding

Q. What do you like about aviation?

A. Flying is very exciting for me. Sometimes, I help fly my dad’s Cessna 206. I’ve learned about keeping the flight level and countering tail winds. I have also stalled the plane by pointing the nose up, and then the plane begins to roll. So far, I’ve helped fly to my Grandma’s house in California and over the Grand Canyon. Of the places I have flown, I loved flying over the Grand Canyon the most. It’s very beautiful, and the view from an airplane is very different from anything you can see from the ground.

One really interesting thing I have done recently is interviewing my dad’s friend, Colonel Brick Izzi. He is someone I look up to. He is a Squadron Commander, and he gave me a model of the T-100 training jet. The US military is currently being considered for the T-35, their current training plane. Military planes are really cool because they can take off vertically from the runway and make very sharp turns.

Q. You recently presented a project on computer coding at the JGS Talent Showcase. Why are you interested in coding?

A. Computer programming languages have been around for some time, and I’m fascinated by how coding has evolved to control computers and help us in everyday life. I also enjoy gaming a lot, and I like to learn how the games are made. I like using the website Tynker to code, and working with Python code. It’s the simplest form of code and can be used for printing and basic programming. So far, I’ve learned how to use Python to print things. There’s so much more I want to learn. I don’t want to work in coding as a career though; it’s more of a hobby for me. I want to design and fly aircraft someday. Being a jet fighter pilot would be my first choice for a career.

Q. This is your second year at JGS. What classes really fire you up?

A. My favorite subjects right now are science and math. They are preparing me for my future learning; advanced mathematics, physics and also English will be important in my future career in aviation.

Q. You’re also a voracious reader; what do you enjoy about reading? What are your favorite books?

A. I enjoy stories in that keep me wondering what’s going to happen next. I enjoy fantasy stories that have parts that are realistic, because they’re exciting and make me lose any thoughts of everyday life. The Harry Potter books are my favorite because even though they are a series, and they carry over parts of the series from book to book, they are all completely different. And they are just all around good stories.

Q. You are always so thoughtful and considerate toward others. Why is it important to treat others well? Who has been your role model in this area?

A. I think it is really important to always be respectful toward others because everyone needs to feel important and valued. My dad is a great role model for me. He is someone I really look up because he treats everyone well, personally and professionally. My dad has taught me the importance of respecting others. Sometimes he has me go with him to his business and we work together with his employees to show them how much we appreciate the work the employees do.

Chase is a third grader at Jones-Gordon School.



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