Friends, Fun and Competition, Heather Loves her Swim Team

Heather is quite an athlete. She has worked hard at many different sports but her passion is for swimming. She participated in swim lessons early on and has excelled on the Hubbard Summer Recreational Swim Team for the past four years.

Q. Tell us about your love for swimming? Where do you practice? What strokes do you excel in?

A. I really love to swim because it is cool in the pool and I can “chill out” with my friends during our practice sessions at Thunderbird Academy. I swim on the Hubbard Swim School East Recreational Swim Team. I joined about four years ago with my cousins. It is a fun summer sport to do and you can stay cool when it is hot. I really love to compete and my favorite strokes are Butterfly and Breast Stroke. My favorite part is winning the blue ribbons and making my coaches, Tim and Jenna, proud!

Q. Do you want to continue swimming and go for the gold?

A. I hope to continue swimming through High School. Who knows, someday maybe I will be swimming across an Olympic pool going for the Gold Medal!

Q. What exciting things did you do this summer?

A. So far this summer I have taken a sewing class and gone tent camping in Colorado. In sewing I made a pillowcase and a real pair of shorts that I can wear. On our camping trip, I helped my dad chop wood for our fire and we caught two big fish.

Q. You have a Girl Scouts Camp trip coming up. Tell us about that?

A. I am about to go to Girl Scout Camp – Shadow Rim Ranch in Payson. I will go to the Big Sis/Lil Sis session with my cousin Sophia. This is my first time away from my mom and dad for almost a week. The best part about this camp is that we will get to climb four different sides of a rock wall tower and then zip line down. I also get to learn crafts and archery. There is a Pake at camp. It is water that is bigger than a pond, but smaller than a lake. I will get to try out a canoe on the Pake. We will sleep in four person cabins with sleeping bags and lanterns.

Q. What are your favorite things about attending Christ Church School?

A. My favorite part about school is my teachers, the staff and friends. Everyone is so kind and we all know each other. I have gone there since preschool. My favorite subject is Science. I love to explore and learn.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. Some day I hope to be a Veterinarian because I love all kinds of dogs so much. I have an Australian Shepherd named Dulce. One day, I hope to own a German Shepherd of my own!

Heather is a fourth grader at Christ Church School.

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