Testing. Closeup of young students sitting in a row and having test in their test-books

Four Test Taking Tips

There are so many ways that children may struggle when taking a test. This article is going to suggest some important strategies that may help when a student is taking an exam.

      1. REST. Waiting until the last minute to study can create anxiety for the student and his or her caregivers. A student usually has the study material ahead of time. This creates an opportunity to study in advance. If a student studies the subject matter every night for five minutes they will usually be well prepared for the exam. Sleep and relax the night before an exam.
      1. COME PREPARED WITH ALL MATERIALS NECESSARY TO TAKE THE EXAM – this might include sharpened pencils and scrap paper for things like math equations or brainstorming. If the exam is open notes, a student should make sure to bring his or her notes and to study the notes beforehand.
      1. LOOK FOR HINTS TO THE ANSWER WITHIN THE TEST. Often times, when stuck on a question that simply just stumps them, students can look for the answer within the test. This can be especially true within multiple-choice questions. Sometimes clues to the answer to a question can be found in the question before or after.

4. RELAX DURING THE EXAM. Students sometimes tense up. This may cause them to write the incorrect response based purely on emotion. I suggest that the student take a deep breath before answering the question in order to calm down. If a student can calm him or herself down during an exam, it is more likely that they will get a good grade.

I sincerely hope that your child will ace his or her next exam.

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