Flexible Scheduling Allows Schuyler to Attend Robotics Competitions

Imagine your child wants to participate in a hockey game at noon on a Tuesday. Imagine she is auditioning for a tv show on a Monday at 10 AM. Imagine he has a music performance on a Friday at 3 PM. Imagine she has a dance competition 1 PM on a Wednesday. In today’s world, more and more kids participate in activities outside of school that conflict with attending school. Students with these time-intensive interests have a difficult time attending school regularly and can often fall behind.

Schuyler was in the eighth grade when his parents realized a more flexible school schedule for high school would be a better fit for him. Schuyler had a passion for science, math and technology, and he loved building robots. His interest was so strong he began competing with a local community robotics team that often competed during the school day. Schuyler wanted a school environment that could provide flexible hours and one that also had the ability to nurture his passions. Schuyler began attending Brightmont Academy, a private school that uses a one-to-one instruction model allowing the academic program and schedule to be customized.

Schuyler is now a senior at the Brightmont Academy Chandler campus . He attends school regularly, but has the ability to take days off for robotics competitions or conferences he wants to attend. The flexibility at Brightmont means that when Schuyler misses classes, he can easily reschedule them and stay on track. Brightmont also gives him the ability to accelerate in subjects where he excels, and dial back the pace of classes where he might need more help. “I really like the one to one teaching. The teachers at Brightmont make sure students really understand the subjects,” he says.

Schuyler is looking forward to attending college next fall and majoring in electrical engineering. He knows his high school years at Brightmont have prepared him for all he will encounter in college. He truly appreciates the flexibility Brightmont has given him to focus on his passions, while teaching him the tools to be successful moving forward.



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