Exchange Student Yeseo Lee Talks About Her Time in The USA

I am 17 years old and I am from South Korea. On December 26, 2014 it was second semester of my sophomore year that I moved to the States. I am attending Chaparral High School and I am Junior now. I will graduate in May this year, which is early graduation for me. I am here in the United States because of my parents’ job. Both my parents are doing research at Arizona State University for two years in lieu of Korea government. While I have lived in Scottsdale AZ, I have experienced a lot of great things and challenges. I couldn’t forget the first day of school. I didn’t understand even one word, and I felt like I was a disable in English.

I just had to smile and nod when I didn’t understand. I had to hide when I bumped into someone while walking. When people said “hello” to me, I just avoided their eyes. It was so frustrating. Thanks to so many great teachers and friends, I am doing great in school now. I am on the Varsity Badminton team and got an award from my school district. I also performed a dance showcase and played piano in the band. I also volunteered at YMCA for little children. Now it is time to go back to South Korea. The memory here in the States will be forever in my life and I hope I have an opportunity to live in the States some day again. I also want to share this experience with people who are in similar situation and help them to adjust well in a new place.

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