Entrepreneurs Create Fundraising Opportunity at PCDS

Four Phoenix Country Day School students made a bright idea happen, and it’s helping other students in more than one way. The Upper School Business Club put a snack vending machine in Hormel Arts Center on campus. The club’s officers – Junior Ben Whitmore, and Seniors Adam Sidi, Aashay Sanghvi, and Sam Ax – recently received the first income from the machine’s sales, nearly $600. The club will distribute profits to student clubs during the year through a grant process.

Here’s what a couple of the club’s founders had to say about the project:

Adam Sidi: We spent countless hours creating presentations and having meetings with the Head of Upper School, the Headmaster, Director of Facilities, and the CFO. The whole process of finding the location, creating a competition for the wrap, and dealing with potential companies took six months. This project has taught me the most about business thus far.

Sam Ax: The profits from sales go into a special fund, PCDS Ventures. Then the club’s officers, with our faculty supervisor, review the applications. We’re hoping to move the snack vending machine into the student center, which should bring in a lot more sales since there is more student traffic.



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