Emma Exemplifies Great Personality and Character Everyday

Emma is an outstanding scholar and example of our school core values. She recently created a rap/song as extra credit in her science class. The rap was amazing and Emma was a great example of a risk-taker for putting herself out there and performing for her class. Her great personality and character make her a leader in her grade and at our school.”

-Ken Olsen, Principal

Q. You are on track to get straight A’s this year. How have you done this? Has it been hard?

A. It has been hard getting straight A’s. I try hard by doing all of my homework and paying attention in class.

Q. What is your favorite thing about attending The Odyssey Preparatory Academy?

A. My favorite thing about Odyssey is that all of the teachers there are really nice and helpful.

Q. You have a passion for soccer tell us about that?

A. I like playing soccer because I like kicking the ball.

Q. What position do you play? How long have you played? What is your favorite part about playing? Tell us about your coach?

A. I play defense, I have played since third grade. My favorite part about playing soccer is running for the ball. My coach is really nice. He is a good coach because he knows a lot about sports.

Q. Do you have anything fun planned for this summer?

A. This summer I might be going to the beach.

Q. What is one thing that you think makes you a great kid?

A. I think I am a good kid because I am nice to everyone.

Emma is in the fifth grade at The Odyssey Preparatory School.



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