Ellie Crabtree, Tesseract Sixth Grade Student and Student Government Vice President

Interview and Photo by Abigail Wilkes,
Tesseract eighth grade student and Student Government President

Q. Why did you run for Vice President of Student Government?

A. Because I wanted to help make some positive changes at school, such as improving the middle school bathrooms and having more social events like dances and get-togethers with other classes and grades. I also wanted to do more public speaking, which I love, and do more presenting in front of the entire school.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being on Student Government?

A. My favorite thing is the meetings. I love being with people who also enjoy speaking and working on improving the community. I like helping people, so I am very excited about the food drive that Student Government is sponsoring, because we are helping people in the Phoenix community we don’t even know, and doing something to make their lives better.

Q. What do you do in your free time outside of school?

A. I like to do gymnastics or sometimes just go outside and dig holes and bury stuff, due to the circumstance of the environment. I love to craft and use blocks to construct structures. Watching TV is a rare occasion, as I also take piano lessons.

Q. What types of things do you do with your family?

A. Every year, when ski season starts, my family heads to our condo in Park City and ski, because why not! We all love to hike in the Grand Canyon, and my parents enjoy mountain biking. My dad and I also have a passion for camping, which is a regular activity for the both of us.

Q. Tell me about your Tesseract experience.

A. I came to Tesseract in the first grade, and I have loved it ever since. I love all the projects we get to do, and the fact we don’t feel burdened by lots of big tests and homework. I remember the Oregon Trail, which we did in third grade;  for that we got to use an educational MineCraft program which we all loved. In fourth grade, we did lots of extremely interesting science projects, like making a hot air balloon out of whatever we could find in the room, and a fireproof egg shield made from all sorts of wacky materials. Last year the 5th and 6th graders had Medieval Night, which was an huge presentation that included projects from all our classes. In math we built catapults, in science we studied diseases like the plague, in Spanish we did the play El Cid, in music we leaned medieval songs and dances, and in social studies and language arts we learned about Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Beckett and Robin Hood. I was Robin Hood in the play that we did for Medieval Night!

Q. What do you think about the field trips?

A. I love all the field trips, and they aren’t like “Let’s go to Build-a-Bear” and more like “Let’s go to a recycling plant and see how these places improve our environment.” I remember ‘Feed My Starving Children’, where we packaged food to send to places around the world where there are children in need. I feel like field trips ought to be meaningful, in addition to being fun, such as last year’s trip to test the water at Rio Salado and Lake Pleasant.

Q. What is your favorite Tesseract Memory?

A. My favorite memory is probably third grade in general because we got to pretend we were living in the times of the Oregon Trail.  The science experiments were really fun too. We also donated costumes and candy to kids who didn’t have enough money to go trick-or-treating or were sick and could not leave their homes or hospitals. At Christmas we packaged gifts and made cards for people to show them how much we care, even if we don’t know them, which felt really good.

Q. Why is Tesseract different from other schools?

A. We don’t have as many test as other schools and we do more interactive projects. Having more free time is great, due to the lower amount of homework, which gives us the opportunity to “live a little” outside of school. We do a lot of things to bond with our classmates and other grades. We really get to know one another. 

Ellie is a Sixth Grader at Tesseract.



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