Eighth Grader, Thomas, Talks STA Buddy Program and School Ambassador

Thomas has been a student at St. Thomas the Apostle since kindergarten, and has a huge presence in the school community. During his sixth grade year he won first place at the STA science fair, and placed second during his seventh grade year. He loves writing, camping, science and sports. He has played both football and baseball for STA every year since fifth grade. He is a straight “A” student, has been on the Principal’s List every quarter since third grade, and is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society. He practices his faith by volunteering with the Our Lady Sodality at St. Thomas and as an altar server for the parish since fifth grade. His favorite subjects are Honors Science and Theology. Thomas also loves being a part of the STA Buddy Program.

Q. Can you tell us about being involved in the STA Buddy Program?
A. The STA Buddy Program is one of the greatest ideas our school has ever had. It brings together the Kindergarten and First graders with the Seventh and Eighth graders. In my opinion, it allows the virtue of Charity to be shared amongst those participating. I’ve always had fun with my buddies, whether playing at recess or praying at Mass, their contentment is my contentment.

Q. What is involved in being a school ambassador? What are your responsibilities?
A. Being a school ambassador involves a desire to help the school in any way possible and commitment to any task assigned by our superiors. Some responsibilities would be greeting adults and students affably, going to meetings, and making sure Saint Thomas is known as an institution of learning and Catholic values.

Q. How do you balance academics and extracurricular activities?
A. The trick to balancing academics and extracurricular activities would be getting ahead on work so that nights after games or events will be less cumbersome and overall knowing that academics come before extracurricular activities in any case. Time management and scheduling also come into play when completing assignments due the next day or a week away.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why?
A. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Rome because of the rich culture and beauty of the area. I would love to see the Vatican and the ruins of the ancient city, a stronghold of intellect and wisdom.

Q. How has STA prepared you for your future?
A. STA has prepared me for the future by developing me as a whole person both spiritually and academically in order to face the challenges of high school and college.STA has provided my peers and I to know “the true, the good, and the beautiful.”

Q. Do you have a favorite camping spot?
A. Yes, I do have a favorite camping spot. It’s called Lo Lo Mai Springs up in the Cottonwood, Sedona area of Arizona. The trees and creek provide a relaxing atmosphere and a place to unwind.

Thomas Zbiegien is an eighth grader at St. Thomas the Apostle.



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