Eighth Grader, Stefan Asher, Talks Scouts and Sports

Stefan is an exemplary student and basketball player. He is kind to everyone and a role model for our younger students. He is a Boy Scout, cares about his community and loves to travel- especially during the summer when he visits his family in Mexico. Stefan is known for being a friend to all and a leader among his peers on campus!

Q. Tell us about your teams?
A. I play basketball with Saint Thomas the Apostle team. We are competitive and won the MLK invitational tournament over MLK weekend that qualified us to play in the state championship. I also played football for STA and my team was the runner up. I have been playing with Scottsdale Premier Soccer for several years, it is club soccer and it has helped me build my skills as a good athlete.

Q. What value has being a Scout brought to your life?
A. Being a Boy Scout has taught me a lot about being a leader and understanding that even a leader can learn. Scouting has made me appreciate the outdoors, and I learned how to respect people. It also has prepared me to understand the importance of being ready for any situation. Just packing for a scout trip teaches you the importance of planning.

Q. Tell us about your volunteer work?
A. Every first Friday of the month I go to St. Mary’s food bank where we help to pack food to people who can’t afford it. It is fun time spend with friends helping people. For the Scouts there are projects where we help others and work as a team to accomplish many things, we had help organizations like Welcome to America where we built shelves for storing goods for the families, we had helped churches, schools and organizations improving their buildings or gardens. It is about making things better for the community.

Q. How do you keep balance with all of your extracurricular activities?
A. I keep balance by organizing and not procrastinating. By not procrastinating like when I use my phone. I finish my homework as soon as I can. If I was not organized then I would be missing a lot of my practices and games school is a priority in our house, which is why it is essential to be organized and not procrastinate.

Q. What do you enjoy about your summers in Mexico?
A. The thing I enjoy most about Mexico is being able to see my family. We have cousins and uncles and aunts and we all get together at my grandparents’ house, so it is always a big party. I only get to see them once a year so when we do get to see them I get excited and very happy.

Q. Do you have academic and /or athletic goals for the future?
A. In academics I am looking forward to my years in high school. I would always like to have good grades. In athletics, my goal is to play in high school hopefully soccer and basketball and maybe another sport, and be good enough to be able to play in college.



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