Eighth Grader Catherine Talks Being School Ambassador and STA’s Buddy Program

Q. You were selected as a school ambassador what does that entail?

A. STA School Ambassadors get to do several projects that help the school. On the day before school began, we got to meet new students and answer their questions. We also help with the Bullying Prevention Program by having students sign a paper saying that they will not bully others and that they will help anyone that is being bullied. Additionally, we assist during other events such as Grandparent’s Day.

Q. You placed second in the Phoenix Phil-Am Lions Club District for her design in the 2015-2016 Lions International Peace Poster Contest tell us about that?

A. The Lions Club International “Peace Poster Contest” is when kids all around the world design posters emphasizing the need for peace in our world. My art teacher, Mrs. Fournier, asked me to design a poster for this contest. The theme was “Sharing Peace” and I got to work designing the poster. Mrs. Fournier helped me a lot, allowing me to use her supplies and giving me advice. I had a fun time and I’m really glad I got to experience this opportunity. 

Q.You have played volleyball, softball and basketball for STA every year since fifth grade. Which sport is your favorite?

A. Of all the sports I participate in, volleyball is my favorite. By playing the sport, I’ve made many friends and have become better at sportsmanship and teamwork.

Q. Tell us why the STA Buddy Program is your favorite thing about attending STA?

A. The Buddy Program is one of my favorite things about STA because I get to have an influence on someone who is younger than me. I remember having a buddy in kindergarten and first grade and she had a positive influence on me as a person. I want to have the same impact on my buddy as well.

Q. You are also a straight A student and on the Honors List every quarter, how do you do it all?

A. It’s a lot of prioritizing. I work on what has to be done first, and when I have time, I work on other assignments to get ahead. Sometimes I have to sacrifice the things I would rather do to finish what is important. I always study hard for my tests and make sure that my work is done completely before turning it in.

Catherine is an eighth grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle School.

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