East Valley Teen Donates Hair For second time

Q. This is the second time you have grown out your hair and donated it. What made you want to do this again?
A. At first I was just going to grow it a little longer. When it got longer my mom asked if I thought I would donate it again. I really didn’t think I was going to grow it that long again, but after a few days thinking about it I thought why not do something for someone who needs it. Then I just stopped thinking about it.

Q. Were there any challenges you faced doing this? What have you learned from both experiences?
A. The challenge is always to ignore stupid people and their comments. I was called gay, told I had girl hair, and told I was using the wrong bathroom – all over the length of my hair. Pretty ridiculous and petty, really. Both experiences left me with a desire to know a person’s character before making judgements on outward appearances. I have also learned to never give up on something you know is good and right. I can ignore small-person talk and complete a goal.

Q. What company did you donate to this time? Tell us a little about why you chose this company?
A. Wigs4Kids (www.wigs4kids.org). My mom found Wigs4Kids online. They make wigs specifically for kids and the wigs are free to each kid. I could only imagine how they might feel with no hair, so I thought it would be cool if my hair was made into a wig for a kid. Their website also said they make wigs for boys.

Q. How was your summer? What were a few things that you did that stood out?
A. My summer has been great. My parents took me to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week of hiking, exploring and swimming with sea turtles. But my favorite part of summer was living in the dorms at ASU Polytech campus. I participated in the ASU Barrett Summer Scholars program in the Sustainability group.

Q. What are you looking forward to most starting high school at Valley Christian?
A. Meeting new friends, being at a new school, working on myself, helping others and preparing for college.

Harrison is 14 years old and will be staring High School at Valley Christian.

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