Dylan Hong Takes on the Impossible

Dylan has taken part in some amazing independent projects at PCDS, particularly around coding and engineering. This determined kid doesn’t stop when he’s told that something is impossible, check out some of his amazing work and see what he has planned for the future.

Q. How did you get into coding & engineering? What got you interested?

A. I was always really interested in consumer electronics, such as phones, computers, and other gadgets. Also, my academic interests have always revolved around science and technology, so my involvement in engineering happened very naturally.

My first attempt at coding was through online tutorials for a subset of Java. I really enjoyed the satisfaction I would get when my code actually worked, so I took summer coding class to reinforce my knowledge.

While in high school, my desire to be an engineer grew, and I took every possible engineering or coding class that I could. I even asked a teacher to supervise an independent study in which I could learn more code. The fun I had when I joined robotics really made me think about pursuing engineering as something more than a hobby.

Q. What are some of the projects that you have completed?

A. During sophomore year, I made a completely code generated art piece of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin growing older as time grew on. I later added the ability to change time with hand positions. Later that year I designed and completed a project that allowed me to control an RC helicopter with hand motions using a 3D motion sensor. Most recently, I was able to make funnels float with the power of my concentration. I did this by coding programs that communicated with a brainwave sensor and fans.

Q. Describe how it feels being able to accomplish something that most people would think is impossible?

A. It’s a really amazing feeling. It doesn’t just feel great because I did something that people said couldn’t be done, but because I am proud of the way I applied my knowledge to find a cheap and elegant solution to a persistent problem. I’m not discouraged when people say something can’t be done because I never stop moving forward and I never turn away from difficulties. I am the type of person who believes that the most important challenges to face are the ones others deem impossible.

Q. What plans do you have for the future?

A. I’m planning to pursue many more projects. I’m currently working on building a magnetic levitation plate. Eventually, I want to try to develop a new type of battery technology. Goals for the far future involve launching a startup company around one of my future projects.

Q. Where can I see some of your work?

A. I have a Youtube channel where I post my newest technology-related projects which can be found here:


Mind control video:


Helicopter video:


Dylan is a senior at Phoenix Country Day School.



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