Dylan Ellis – Enthusiasm for Life and Learning


Dylan Ellis is a sixth grader at Bethany Christian School, in Tempe. He is a delightful young man with a charming, magnetic personality. Since he began attending Bethany Christian in first grade, Dylan has been involved in a wide variety of activities that have nurtured his enthusiasm for activity, ingenuity, knowledge, and relationship building. With the development of the new STEM Lab this year, Dylan has particularly been drawn to science, engineering, and the design thinking process. In any conversation with Dylan, one can quickly sense his overall joy and desire to grow in all aspects of life!

Q. Tell us some of the things that you have been involved in these past seven years at Bethany Christian School.

A. I was in Mighty Cats from kindergarten to fifth grade. I played basketball all those five years and soccer for three years. Fourth grade I played soccer on the B Team and fifth grade I played on the middle school basketball team. In sixth grade, I’ve just done the electives, and I’m going to do basketball. I’ve been to ACSI Math Olympics, and I won fifth place in third grade. At the ACSI Art Fair and got a third place ribbon in second grade.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about BCS?

A. Well… I do like Innovative Science a lot. I do like playing on the sports teams too… but probably the teachers! They’re really nice.

Q. You talked about Innovative Science. Tell us about that.

A. Well, last semester it was my elective, and we designed our own things on the 3D printer. We built stuff out of recyclable material, like we built a wheel in the class out of recyclable material. We’re actually starting something new next week. We’re going to build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. Later in the semester, we’re going to do robotics stuff with the robots, and we’re going to 3D print again.

Q. Since BCS has created a new STEM lab this year, what are you hoping you and your peers can achieve with this?

A. Well, I just want to engineer everything! I want a lot of people to learn the design thinking process that we have actually been learning (pointing to the board where it is listed): prayer, find the problem or the goal, research, plan, build, test, and evaluate. Or… if the test didn’t go right and you evaluate, you can repeat.

Q. What camp will you be attending this year in sixth grade?

A. We’re going to science camp in two weeks. I think it’s Prescott Pines. Somewhere up there.

Q. What are some things you do at Science Camp?

A. Well, when my brother went there three years ago, he said we build like little survival forts out of sticks. We learn how to do that. We learn about all the science stuff , like nature.

Dylan is a sixth grader at Bethany Christian School.



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