Drew Talks About Scouts and His Love for Traveling

Drew is also a Boy Scout and is currently working on becoming an Eagle Scout. Drew also loves the adventure that comes with travel. Last year he traveled with People to People to Italy, France and Spain. This summer he will be traveling to Costa Rica.

Q. Tell us your involvement with the Scottsdale Conservatory for the Performing Arts?

A. I have been there since it opened several years ago. Through the years I’ve watched people come and go, but one thing has remained the same – the kids love for what they do, including me. We do monthly shows at Desert Ridge, and every time we get better and better. The shows are like a variety show. We do dances; I rap; we do monologues and everything in between.

Q. Tell us about how you are in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout?

A. At the moment I am a Life Scout, which is one rank below Eagle. But I am working on my project in becoming an Eagle. The entire path to it is a hard one that not many are able to tread. It is a rugged path that I stumbled through to get there. I am glad to say that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not sure what happens afterwards, but I hope it is bright.

Q. What types of things have you done as a Boy Scout?

A. As a Boy Scout I have been camping and leading. The purpose of being a Scout is to help other people, to learn how to save their lives, to learn how to teach them, and support them. I have been to Catalina Island and a multitude of camps. I have made friends and brothers. And soon I will go to Philmont to hike 100 miles in New Mexico.

Q. Where have you traveled outside of the US? What was your favorite?

A. I have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, and Monaco. I had a homestay in Terassa, Spain, which is when I stay in the home of some locals. My host brother was Victor. We became good friends. I went to his school where a lot of AWESOME things happened and we went to Minyons and were a part of a human castle. And then Monaco and France are so illustrious in everything.

Q. What is something else that is interesting about you that you think readers would find interesting?

A. Something else that is interesting about me is that I really like philosophy and sociology and psychology. And I would like to be a professor in philosophy at sometime in my life and I will soon take flying lessons, like flying a plane….(hopefully).

Drew is an eighth grader at Freedom Academy.



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