Dive into After-School Swim Lessons at Hubbard Family Swim Schools

Now that it’s back-to-school time in the Valley, a growing number of parents are enrolling their children in swim lessons at a Hubbard Family Swim School. While the summer outdoor pool season might be drawing to a close, indoor swimming and swim lessons continue all year long at the Hubbard Family Swim Schools.

Founded in 1998 by co-owners Bob and Kathy Hubbard – world-renowned experts and educators in the field of infant swimming – the swim schools offer lessons to children 8 weeks to 12 years of age. The Hubbard’s basic philosophy is this: Children everywhere must learn how to swim. Learning to swim should not be a choice.

“Back-to-school time in August is a great time to enroll children in swim lessons during the week or on the weekend,” says Bob Hubbard. “Not only is swimming excellent exercise for children to enjoy after school and a wonderful way for them to burn off energy, we don’t want children to lose the important swim skills and swim strokes they learned over the summer.”

After-school swim lessons are available on weekdays until 7 p.m.

“We also have many moms who happily enroll their toddlers and preschoolers for swim lessons during the morning and early afternoon hours when their older children return to school,” says Kathy Hubbard. “While the older siblings are at school, the younger siblings have fun going to swim school!”

Children who learn how to swim are actually demonstrating more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children, according to world-leading research led by Griffith University in Australia. Their 2013 findings of a four-year study indicate that swimming children have an advantage when starting school.

Swimming children scored significantly better than the normal population on a number of measures that are really important for their transition to school – their cognitive development, language development, and their physical development.

The study surveyed 7,000 parents from Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., over three years.

The study showed that children’s fine motor skills and overall coordination were more developed as a result of taking swim lessons and it showed that children who start lessons early were more socially and emotionally ready to start school.

“We have spent over 20 years here in Arizona watching thousands of children under the age of four become calm and confident swimmers,” adds Kathy. “It’s such a joy for us to help introduce children to the wonderful sport of swimming which can definitely become a life-long sport.”

Many students who grew up taking swim lessons at Hubbard also went on to have competitive swim careers in high school and college.

There are currently three Hubbard Family Swim School locations around the Valley – in Phoenix, Peoria, and Mesa – and the temperature of the indoor pools at each location remains at a very comfortable 90 degrees year-round.

Hubbard in NE Phoenix is located at 13832 North 32nd Street, Suite 100, in the Kino Plaza. For more information, call (602) 971-4044 or visit www.hubbardswim.com



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