Discover U Third Grader Yuilissa Talks School

Yuilissa is a great friend to others and is an amazing student. Her teachers, Mr. Pidgeon and Ms. Schroeder, talk about her tremendous effort with all classwork and how she contributes significantly to all classroom discussion.

Q. What makes Discover U a great school for you? 

A. Discover U is small and the teachers love me. You get to learn more here.

Q. Tell us about your teacher?

A. Ms. Schroeder is a really good science teacher and she makes the activities fun for us. Mr. Pidgeon cares about us and he is serious about teaching us.

Q. What is your favorite subject in school?

A. Math is because it is very important to know for when I get big.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. I would like to be a doctor.

Q. In your spare time what are some activities that you like to do?  

A. I like to do multiplication.

Q. What motivates you to strive to be so good in School?  

A. I come to school each day to do my best because I want my parents to be proud of me.

Q. If you had one super power what would you have?

A. Saving people from harm.

Q. What good things would you do with the superpower?

A. I would help people if they need it…..if there was a car crash, I would save the people and get them to the hospital.

Yuilissa is a third grader at Discover U

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