Discover U First Grader Creates a Comic Book

Camden loves to read, which has inspired him to develop his own comic book series and invent a superhero he named “Captain Hope.” He wants to become a published author someday.

Q. Tell us about the comic book series you created?

A. I created a bunch of superheroes and villains. The main hero is Captain Hope, and then there is Hope Dog. Then I created two arch-nemeses, called Mick Strong and Eyeball Man.

Q. Do you wish to get it printed one day? 

A. Yes, I want to send it to a publisher.

Q. You are quite the accomplished martial artist. Tell us about your accomplishments thus far? 

A. I have a black belt in Little Dragons, which is a junior form of Tong Che Bahk Do karate, and I was just in a tournament for Haidong Gumdo. I did forms and papercutting, and team papercutting. Our team placed in the tournament.

Q. You are testing to the next belt soon. Are you nervous when you test?

A. Not really, because I know I’m practicing a lot.

Q. What is the next thing you wish to conquer with martial arts (For example, more competitions, break a record, etc. )

A. I want to earn my black belt in Haidong Gumdo, and I want to go to more tournaments.

Q. What is something awesome you did this summer?

A. I went to Alaska, took a ride on the ocean and played with my cousins; I also went to Las Vegas.

Camden is a first grader at Discover U.

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