Dhruv Does It All With The Help of Rancho Solano


Dhruv Khosla has a passion for academics, science, music, and athletics and equally succeeds in every discipline. Dhruv is an honor roll student and scholar athlete having participated in tennis, flag football, and soccer. As an accomplished chess competitor, he plays First Board as the Captain of Rancho Solano’s AIA Chess Team. With a strong interest in science, Dhruv is one of Rancho Solano’s elected Chief Science Officers (CSO). As a CSO, he attended the CSO Capitol Summit in October, where he learned how to advocate for science ideas in legislation.

Dhruv plays the violin in the Symphonette group of the Phoenix Youth Symphony. He has played in the Rancho Solano orchestra program for the past eight years and has served as the regular Concertmaster for the last three years. Dhruv volunteers as a student teacher at Harmony Project Phoenix, a nonprofit organization committed to teaching music to children in low-income areas and keeping them safe from negative influences in the process.

Looking ahead, Dhruv intends on pursuing his International Baccalaureate Diploma at Rancho Solano. He states, “Rancho Solano has definitely prepared me well for all of my interests in many ways. Science classes at the school have given me a strong foundation and helped me to develop related skills, such as time management and critical thinking. As for music, Rancho Solano has enabled me to play consistently in an orchestral setting with qualified instructors and peers. In both science and music, the school has provided every opportunity to help me grow and display my talents and interests.”

Dhruv Khosla is a sophomore at Rancho Solano Preparatory School.




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