Devin Moleterno Takes Adversity Head on and Graduates a Year Early With Primavera Online High School


There will be moments in all our lives in which we face adversity.

During those moments, your decision boils down to two options: You can accept your circumstances or you can make a change.

For Devin Moleterno, a recent graduate of Primavera Online High School, responding positively and changing his situation was the only choice in his mind.

Devin began high school rocky.

“Starting my freshman year I was bullied a lot over many things. At home, I was bullied for, of course, being gay. This was an issue that affected my grades,” said Devin.

Sophomore year was only worse.

“Come my sophomore year, legal stuff happened between my biological mother and I that made me move away from my school,” said Devin.

And that’s when Devin decided to move forward and change his circumstances. His sister was a Primavera student, which encouraged him to look into the school.

From there, things started to turn around for Devin, starting with his GPA.

“I chose Primavera because it works with my job and my life schedule. It is also allowing me to be an early graduate due to the accelerated learning program. I am proud to be a student here. The staff is nice and supporting,” said Devin.

Devin also picked up a part-time job, something he felt was more possible with online school.

“The school really helps me succeed because I can do school work whenever I want to,” said Devin.

With early graduation, Devin was able to get a jumpstart into his career as a Registered Nurse.

“I live by this quote and it makes me who I am today: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world,’” said Devin. “But to me, there’s another quote of my own I find just as important: ‘Success only comes from those who take fear and failure head on.’”



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