Dana Dances, Excels in Taekwondo, and Volunteers her Time

Dana is a hard-working student with a 4.0 GPA. She has been participating in Taekwondo for seven years and has been a dancer for six years. She also is able to play the piano, clarinet, and is currently learning the ukulele. Her hobbies include creating/building things, drawing, baking, dancing, and singing. She has interests in traveling, clothing and accessories, decor, and music. All tremendous talents aside, Dana is very social, humorous, flexible, caring, a perfectionist, and a huge foodie. When it comes to her school, she loves to give back. She had her own booth at the Willis IGNITE festival, volunteers in school activities, and is in chess club and NJHS. She also helps volunteer in the community.

Q. How do you find time to balance your perfect GPA with Taekwondo, dancing, and music?

A. Taekwondo and dance are after school activities with set times, so I find time in between to do homework. Personally, I’m not the type to procrastinate, so my schoolwork is done quickly and efficiently. I took piano lessons on weekends, play clarinet in school, and learn the ukulele as a hobby. It’s really all a matter of time management, planning, and not procrastinating on work.

Q. To what causes do you enjoy volunteering your time?

A. I enjoy helping others, seeing them grow, and knowing that I am making a difference. Joining NJHS has also pushed me to volunteer more of my time towards the community. I volunteer by teaching younger kids at my Taekwondo academy, as well as participating in Feed My Starving Children’s food packing sessions.

Q. Can you tell us about your booth at the IGNITE festival?

A. Willis’ IGNITE festival is an opportunity to contribute to the community and share different parts of STEAM. Last year, I ran a booth that helped do temporary tattoos designs for the visitors who came to the festival. This upcoming festival on February 3rd, I’m running a booth with my friend Audra called Blooms and Bracelets for Bees. We will be selling bee-safe flower seeds and handmade bee-themed bracelets. All net proceeds will be donated to helping conserve the honeybee population. During the festival, we will be conducting a social experiment on marketing and consumer psychology, which is the STEAM aspect of our booth.

Q. What preparation for your future has Willis Junior High provided?

A. The Willis STEAM Academy not only provides me with high academic standards and an education, but also with real-life skills. These skills include organization and time management, among many others.

Q. Being a “foodie,” Phoenix must provide many restaurants to entertain your palate. What do you enjoy eating most?

A. I enjoy a variety of places to eat, but lately I have been enjoying a relatively new Korean shaved ice dessert place in Chandler called Snowtime. There aren’t many spots in Arizona that serve it, so it’s great that there’s a place nearby where I can eat some.

Dana Son is an eighth grader at Willis Jr. High.



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