Dakota Talks West-MEC’s Aviation Program

Q. You are involved in the aviation program at West-MEC what does this entail?

A. The aviation technology program at West-MEC consists of 43 technical courses based on mechanic practices and aviation systems. A course normally starts in the classroom obtaining a deep understanding of chosen devices, practices, and procedures. As we progress we move down to the shop were we disassemble, repair, overhaul, and maintain many real aircraft, engines, and other various components.

Q. What is your favorite part of this program?

A. My favorite part of this program is how unlike from any standard school it is. The detailed hands on learning, combined with various instructors who have been involved in the aviation maintenance trade for many years makes this a difficult education to replicate anywhere else.

Q. How is this going to prepare you for the future?

A. There are licenses one needs to posses to repair an aircraft. After I have passed all necessary courses, I then have the opportunity to take a series of tests to obtain these licenses. The aviation technology program at West-MEC and their staff assists students in every step; of the many it takes to earn the required documents become an aviation mechanic

Q. When you are not in school what do you like to do for fun?

A. When not in school I enjoy skateboarding, flying drones, fixing vehicles, and going to concerts!

Dakota attends West-MEC Central Campus.



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