Crossfit August Kid of the Month, Wyatt Combs

“Cross training is imperative in the development of the youth athlete, particularly at the elite level.  Their muscle groups and coordination are increasing at a rapid pace particularly during the pre-pubertal/pubertal years as the body is entering its final growth stages progressively into young adulthood.  Strengthening the core is a solid base to build a foundation on, while building the other muscle groups in pairs.   By developing a strong core during off-ice Cross Training, the elite hockey player is better able to achieve more optimal stages of development on the ice without having to work as intensely at increasing his endurance because he is already focusing this energy in his off-ice training; thereby preventing or decreasing injuries to the elite youth athlete during on ice training.  It is far easier to work with a player who has already come prepared to work during practice by having participated continually (and diligently) in their cross training .” – Adina Hayton, Director of Operations, Hockey2, LLC—Home of the AZ Bobcats AAA Program on why CrossFit can help your child with other sports. Here is what Wyatt had to say about CrossFit:

What is your favorite CrossFit exercise? I like using the rowing machine.

What made you want to start CrossFit?  I wanted to get in shape and my friends were doing CrossFit.

How do you like your coach?  Fernando & Gayle make my workouts intense and fun.

Why is being healthy and active good for you? So that I will be in shape and be able to do more things in my life.

What would you say to someone that wanted to join CrossFit? It is a fun thing to do.

When not at CrossFit, what do you like to do?  I like to Mountain Bike at Papago park.

What sports do you play? Tell our readers about that?  I play forward on the Bobcats hockey team.  Our team travels to other states to play in tournaments.

How does CrossFit help you in your other sports that you play?  I have more endurance for the other sports and I can play for a longer period of time.
Wyatt is a 6th grader at Ingleside Elementary School 



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