Cristina Talks Student Council and National Junior Honor Society

Cristina excels academically she has received Eagle of the Month and Principal’s List. She has been a part of the student council since fourth grade and all around awesome student!

Q. You are apart of student council and National Junior Honor Society what does this entail?

A. Being part of student council and National Junior Honor Society I feel that what is needed for student council and National Junior Honor Society is leadership and social skills. I feel like these two skills are very necessary to spreading ideas so that the ideas can evolve around the school so that we can have different activities like movie night. And I feel like we need leadership skills so that we can lead the school community and be a good example for others so that students see us as an example for life.

Q. You have been in Student Council for three years. What has been your title each year? What has been your favorite part of being involved in Student Council?

A. In my first year I was Commissioner of Religious Affairs, in my second year I was Commissioner of Technology, and this year I am Commissioner of Finance. I have been blessed with these roles in student council. And I would say my favorite part of being in student council is being able to be a leader for others. I also really like doing morning message, the fact of being able to do the “Our Father” and reading the gospel during morning message I think is very COOL! What I also like is being able to host different activities like for example the diaper drive or the spooktacular. I think it’s a big opportunity for the school to unite as a family and as a family we are all together as a school community.

Q. You have also received Eagle of the Month and Principal’s List tell us about that? What types of things do you have to accomplish to be apart of this?

A. Since I have received eagle of the month and principal’s list I think that is a big accomplishment. But there are challenges and reminders throughout my journey, but luckily as a school we have five pillars Mind, Heart, Hope, Zeal, and Family that keep me reminded that I am a child of God and that every mind counts. With these reminders it keeps me on track with my education. This helps me also remember that I have goals and Principal’s List or Eagle of the Month may seem like a small goal, but these small goal can help me accomplish many bigger goals that can help me succeed and go to heaven.

Q. You are also a straight A student, how do you do it all?

A. Being a straight A student has always been one of my goals but to get there are some challenges I have been having to put in some hard effort to my school work. It’s also kind of hard to balance everything for example family, school, student council, National Junior Honor Society, but I do find a way to do it and what I try to do is to break it up into pieces. I try to find a time for everything and still accomplishing it, what I basically do is have a puzzle in my brain and see how I put the puzzle pieces in. For example the puzzle pieces are family or school.

Q. When you have some free time, what do you like to do?

A. On my free time I like to spend my time with my family. When I’m with my family, we like to watch the NFL *GO CARDINALS. I also like to play basketball with my brother when I am done with my homework.

Cristina is a seventh grader at Saint John Vianney Catholic School.



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