Creighton Eighth Grader Doesn’t Shy Away From a Challenge


Dariet is an eighth grader at Loma Linda Elementary School. But he’s not your average eighth grade student; Dariet is student class president, in the gifted and talented program, and an aspiring public speaker and leader within his community. On October 25, Dariet co-hosted a Community Town Hall with our Superintendent Dr. Donna W. Lewis in front of 150 parents, community members, elected officials, and staff, as well as his peers from all over the district. Dariet embodies the Creighton profile of an eighth grade student; he is an adventurous thinker, collaborative learner, and kind-hearted leader.

Q. How was your experience co-hosting such an important event with Creighton Superintendent, Dr. Lewis?

A. Co-hosting the Creighton Town Hall was a chance for me to practice my public speaking. I was nervous to speak in front of so many high profile people but I am grateful to the district for allowing me the opportunity and giving me a chance to have my voice heard from a students prospective.

Q. How do you think co-hosting the town hall has helped to prepare you for your future job?

A. In college, I would like to study to become either a lawyer or a doctor. I think having the confidence to be a public speaker will assist me in the courtroom or even when I am talking to patients as a doctor.

Q. Do you have any plans for other public speaking opportunities?

A. All the events I have been invited to, have help me develop as a public speaker and have given me confidence in my ability to present. I have had the opportunity to present to the Creighton Governing Board about putting learning into action, and then was featured as a co-host for the town hall and recently a state representative asked me to speak at the legislature after seeing me co-host the town hall. I think the more things I say yes to, the more opportunities I will receive.

Q. Where are you planning to attend high school and college?

A. I want to attend Brophy College Preparatory next year and my dream is to attend Harvard for college.

Q. What do you like to do for fun?

A. I like to play video games and watch interesting YouTube videos about science and math.



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