The Competitive Athletic Advantage – School at Brightmont Academy

When Luke was four years old, he started playing hockey, and a passion was born. Luke was a skilled athlete at an early age and was quickly scouted by numerous teams. Moving from city to city, playing hockey for different clubs, Luke started missing days of school each week to attend games. Luke became concerned he would have to repeat a school year if he did not find a different school structure, and that is when he found Brightmont Academy.

“I can set my own schedule at Brightmont,” declares high school senior Luke, who attends the Brightmont Academy Scottsdale campus. Luke’s main focus became hockey and he needed a school that could provide him an exceptional education while accommodating his hectic schedule. “At Brightmont there is no slacking. I had to pay attention each time I was in class,” states Luke. Luke is so focused in school, he is able to complete his work during school time and focus on hockey when he is at hockey. The flexible scheduling allows him to sleep in after a big game or travel without feeling guilty about missing school. Brightmont gave him the environment to learn, while reducing his stress.
Looking back, Luke’s parents believe he could not have accomplished what he did in school and in hockey without Brightmont. They truly think it gave him an advantage, on and off the ice. “If you are an athlete with aspirations of playing at a higher level, Brightmont is a must,” says Luke. “[Attending Brightmont] gives you a competitive advantage.”

Luke is currently playing for the semi-professional team, the Seattle Thunderbirds and will graduate from Brightmont this month. While several of his teammates attend a local high school and are struggling to get good grades, Luke is focused on hockey. He knows his Brightmont experience gives him the advantage to one day achieve his dream of playing in the NHL.



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