Cole, Joevanni, and Kevin Love Football

Joevanni Haddad, Kevin Lopez and Cole Bishop are close friends who all play on the same team for Toros Academy with Authority Football.

Q. How long have you been playing football?
A. Kevin:
For about two years now. It might not be a long but I’ve been working really hard since I started.
Joevanni: I have been playing football since I was six years old

Cole: I’ve been playing football for eight years.

Q. Tell us what you like best about the sport?
Kevin: Everything! I love this sport, the hype, the way I feel while playing it.

Joevani: I love the experience that I have with my teammates. In the game I love to run and catch a football and it teaches me how to be a better man.
Cole: It takes a team effort to be successful on the field.

Q. What goals do you have as a team player?
Kevin: To push all my teammates, to become one of the best at my position and get a scholarship to college.

Joevanni: My goals for team player are to be a leader to my teammates, strive to be the best at every drill, the person that always takes one more rep and, one day, I hope to be a NFL star.
Cole: To develop my skills so I can contribute more to my team to help us to continue to be successful.

Q. What are some things you like to do for fun?
Kevin: Well I usually just play catch with these two (Joevanni, Cole) and hang with my friends.

Joevanni: I love to play catch with the football with my friends and hang out with them at the mall and I also love to hang out my family.

Cole: I love to play sports, video games and chill with my friends.

Cole, Joevanni and Kevin are eighth graders at Freedom Academy.



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