Cody Wells, Chapter Officer of Buckeye FFA

“FFA is the reason I’m successful. The FFA has not only improved my leadership skills, but has tackled my fear of public speaking. I’m so grateful of these skills because I will be utilizing these qualities in my future career,” said Cody Wells. 

Tell us about yourself and your involvement at Buckeye Union High School.My name is Cody Wells and I’m a senior at Buckeye Union High School. I’ve been extremely active in my chapter, Buckeye FFA, for the past four years and have grown and learned immensely from it. This year I’ve had the honor of serving as a chapter officer and I love working with current and prospecting members to build a rapport with them and help making them successful members of FFA and society.

What is your favorite thing about your school? Tell us about a great teacher that you have (past or present). My favorite thing about school besides lunch, is definitely Ag. I love every aspect of the classes and the people I’ve come to call my friends. My favorite teacher is definitely my advisor, Melissa Veo. She is an incredible person, an outstanding teacher and the reason why I’m going to school to become a teacher. I can only hope to be as great as her, when I begin to teach.

What is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject is Ag. I love going to class because you don’t learn the same topics as you do in a traditional classroom. The atmosphere is fun, inviting and it’s a plus that I have it with all of my friends.

What do you aspire to be when you grow up? I aspire to be an Agricultural Education instructor when I grow up because I want to instill in the minds of others that agriculture is extremely vital to existence and is going to be important to our future, due to our growing population. Also, I want students to be themselves and grow as an individual.

Where will you be attending college? This fall I will be attending New Mexico State University.
What will you major in? I will be majoring in Agricultural Education.

Tell us about FFA and how it has helped you prepare for your future? The National FFA Organization is an integral part of agricultural education by helping make classroom instruction come to life through realistic, hands-on applications. FFA members embrace concepts taught in agricultural science classrooms nationwide, build valuable skills through hands-on experiential learning and each year demonstrate their proficiency in competitions based on real-world agricultural skills. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. –National FFA Organization/www/ 

What experience have you had while being in FFA? The experiences I’ve had in the FFA are irreplaceable. I’ve learned so much and have grown as an individual. I’ve tackled my main fear of public speaking and I am now confident in speaking in front of a crowd. I’m so grateful for FFA and I’m so happy I picked my first Ag class as a freshman, because If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.



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