Ciera Earns “Booming Bulldog” Award

“Ciera is an outstanding example of one of our primary grade-level students.  She has obtained over 30 “purples”, as part of the school-wide behavior management program, “Booming Bulldogs”.  She is always smiling and very respectful.  She encourages her classmates when she feels they need extra support. She contributes to the overall positive campus culture” Julia Angel, School Leader

What is “Booming Bulldogs mean to you? Booming Bulldogs is an award. You get it for getting lots and lots of purples.

How many purple tickets have you received? I have gotten 40 purples.

How do you get these tickets? By doing good job. Knowing your moves in music, picking up trash, being quiet when suppose to and helping your friends.

What is the best thing about Liberty Arts Academy? All the nice friends I have and Mrs. Doering my teacher.

Tell us about your teacher. I love Mrs. Doering. She is nice and helps me a lot. She also helps me learn.

 Ciera is in the 1st grade at Liberty Arts Academy 

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  1. Ciera,
    Way to go young lady… you are so special.
    Keep that positive attitude !!!
    Cousin Georgia

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